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Hi, Cherie, I just wanted to let you know that T… hired me as a seasonal employee to lead river cruises in France (the Rhone Paris/Lyon to Nice/Monte Carlo to start). I do training in……

Anyway, I wanted to let you know and to say thanks for all the good info you provided as well as the encouragement. You're a great resource, wonderful tour director and trainer, and your book has been very helpful through the process.

Thanks for everything! Cynthia

Cynthia Caughey Annet

Recommendations from my January online class

  • This was an excellent course to understand what a tour director does. Cherie does a wonderful job explaining not only the joys, but the frustrations of this career.
  • Cherie Anderson is awesome! This course was more than what I could've asked for--Thank you!
  • I would, and already have, recommended this course to others. The instructor's extensive knowledge of the subject were reflected in her detailed, concise and interesting lessons. I am excited and confident about my future in "Getting Paid to travel". Thank you Cherie!
  • I really enjoyed it! I just loved the instructor Cherie Anderson, and it was fun reading all of her experiences and at times felt like I was right there with her! The lessons were informative and interesting. Cherie is wonderful and I hope to meet her someday, I can only hope that I can be as accomplished and as professional as she is. Thank you.
Hi Cherie , 
I would like to tell you how much I've enjoyed the training . You presented the material in such a way that kept me interested and at the same time gave me the knowledge I need to be successful as a tour director and/ or guide . I must also say , how much I enjoyed chapter 11 , Handling Tour Challenges in which I got some great laughs as well as helpful hints. 
I just want to thank you for all your help and giving me advice and suggestions on the "You Do It" challenges and my resume.  I greatly appreciate it and looked forward to receiving feedback from you.  I am going to rewrite my resume and send it out.  I'll let you know when I land a position as a tour director/tour guide,
Take care.
Dona Zona - July 2014

Also your book is fantastic!  It's so organized for clear understanding...and procedures are much more comprehensive than what I got in Denver.   Thank you so much!

March 2018

Good morning, Jerry and Cherie.

Jerry, thank you once again for the wonderful gift and for introducing me to Cherie, which I have been following for quite some time now, both through her newsletters, as well as her FB pages.

Cherie, your book has so far been a lifesaver, and a definite boost of confidence for me!

I graduated from Johnson & Wales University … with a degree in Hospitality & Travel & Tourism Management.
I wasn't the typical student, as before that I was in the Air Force for 5 years. Throughout my life I've always had a passion for travel, … I graduated from JWU in three years with a 4.0GPA …

I then decided to go for a postgraduate degree back in Europe, and was ultimately accepted into a very competitive program at King's College London where I graduated, … My Master's degree is in Tourism, Environment, and Development; its main aims are to explore the complex relationships between tourism, the environment and development, with particular reference to the developing world, studying the advantages and disadvantages of tourism as a means of bringing about development and at the same time examining its environmental impact.

As for my first assignment as a Tour Director, I secured it thanks to the relationship I have built throughout the years with my academic advisor at JWU. At first, when she asked me, I was a little nervous, but then I started researching the position over the internet and luckily, I came across your book!

I have utilized your forms to build those I'll be bringing with me to London in March, I'll be following your check-lists and to-do lists, and I'll certainly be following your precious advice on all tour procedures.

You are definitely a part of this success, and I hope this will only be the first of many assignments to come.

I have travelled extensively on my own (including the 38 US states when I was a student in FL), and have planned several tours for my personal enjoyment as well as that of family and friends, but I must admit, I wouldn't be as prepared as I feel now without your textbook.

Keep up the excellent work!

Best regards,
Nicola "Nico" Comunian

Cherie Anderson’s course, Professional Tour Management Training, has changed my life! The tools she provides will help get you noticed and in the door. I Landed my first job soon after I graduated. Such a small investment in her wonderful class has yielded such big results. I now work full-time as a professional tour director and port lecturer for a cruise line. I am seeing the world and am loving every minute of it. 

Elizabeth Moran 

Thanks, Cherie, for your detailed training course and all your subsequent help.  Your fabulously priced course gave me the skills and information I will need to direct tours professionally.  Your expertly written text book is now my favorite reference when I have a question about procedures or any other aspect of directing a tour.  I have already been hired by Grand Circle Travel and am now one of the “resident expert” tour directors for their Northwest National Parks tour. 

All your help and the suggestions you made throughout the hiring process gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to get the job.  I came out ahead of many people who had taken other courses that cost them thousands of dollars.  I know this is just the beginning, and that my new career will go well due to the expert and detailed training, and the personal support, I have received from you.  Thanks for everything; you are the best.

Janice Parks

Professional Tour Director


Cherie; I loved this course very much.  I highly appreciate your expertise and step by step through instructions you gave in all the lessons. 

I would love to travel in tour that you conduct as a tour director to acquaint ourselves and to learn from practical stuffs from you.  Coupled with my experience in travels with various tour operators, I think I can enjoy the job of the tour director in land tour/tour host in cruise.  It will be a challenge, but I like the challenge and thrive with it.

Again, great course, great literature/lessons, discussions, etc.  Loved every aspect of study.  Lessons will be helpful to anyone who wants to work in this field.  You are a Pro and an Expert in this field.  Again thanks for all your help, so long!!!!! May be we will cross our paths sometime soon and meet in person.

Bob D.

Hi Cherie - GREAT hearing from you!!  Sounds like you're having a lot of fun doing what you actually love to do, which is working with people out in the field, not just with hopefuls taking your training program.  You have obviously done a great job with your training - look at all the "successful" Tour Directors who are still out there thanks to you.

Are you still in the tour training business?  Your training definitely changed my life.. for the better.  I'm still tour directing.  I've been with J…… for 16 years (!!)  I also lead local tours out of Palm Springs.. You and your training DID in fact change my life in a very positive way.

Have a great summer!!  Maybe I'll run into you somewhere out there in the field. Stay in touch.  



Your course is invaluable, Besides the nuts and bolts of the timeline etc, It gets you thinking in certain ways. Different situations with the guests that I've had on the boats I've worked on, come to mind more than ever now, how i reacted and what i could have done to even have bettered the situations. Thank you very very much!!

Very very best regards,


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Loving what she did but not quite feeling that her dreams were being met, Cherie searched for that perfect professional career that she could really be passionate about. In the 1980s, she found out about tour directing and knew immediately that was the profession she longed for. Starting out as a cruise host, she spent several years escorting groups to Alaska, Mexico, the Panama Canal and the Caribbean the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, and many more wonderful places extensive experience under her belt, Cherie went segued into becoming a full-time professional Tour Director, and traveled around the world!

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