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Earning the Certificate of Completion tells the employer you know tour procedures, safety, documentation, narration, handling emergencies and challenges and more. I want you to be successful and get hired. The steps below are required to earn the Certificate of Completion. I’m sure you’ll find each step helpful in your success.

  1. Purchase “Tour Director Training Guide” and go through the training. I am here to help with your questions, comments and suggestions.
  2. Complete the “You Do It” Challenge at the end of each chapter.  (Multiple choice and matching questions at the end of each chapters are for practice for the final and are not required.)
  3. Email your answers to Professional Tour Management Training with the processing fee. Cherie@tourtraining.com
  4. When the challenges and fee are received I will forward additional suggestions, information, employers and links to help with your success.
  5. You’ll receive a final multiple choice examination by email. The exam needs to be passed with at least a 65% passing grade. The test can be taken twice if not passed the first time.
  6. When the “You Do It” Challenges and the test are passed you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion within 7 to 10 days. The certificate will be an email attachment which can be forwarded along with your resume when applying for employment. (The multiple choice and matching questions at the end of each lesson are for practice and NOT required.)  

When I will email a Certificate of Completion with Professional Tour Management Training listed, the employer will know you are going to represent our industry as a true Professional Tour Director, Tour Guide, Trip Director and or Cruise Host.

Email “You Do It” Challenges to:


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Professional Tour Management Training

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Cherie knows the in's and out's of this industry and has been training tour directors and guides since 1993.

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